Dave Rocco, Head of Artist Marketing and Label Services at Spotify, joined us for our newest installment of the Music Power Players series to talk about his career trajectory and offer advice to our aspiring industry professionals. 

Like many of our guests before him, Rocco has worked in various parts of the industry—including talent scouting, A&R, event production, radio syndication, and more—before landing his current job at Spotify. Throughout his winding and varied career, he learned that it is always okay to say that you don’t know. 

Now that he is at Spotify, Rocco takes care of a lot of big-picture things. He holds meetings with team leads about their needs and goals and meets with Spotify’s big artists to help build them successful campaigns. In terms of the future of Spotify, Rocco says one of his biggest goals  is to curate their own, unique brand.

When asked what advice he would give to our students, he emphasized the importance of being passionate and thinking big. Get the most education you can, hone your skills, know what value and skills you can bring to the table. Things are always going to change because you change and so does the world, so have goals that are wide and flexible and don’t be afraid to pivot. 

After finishing the moderated portion of the night, Dave generously answered every single question from the students in the audience on topics ranging from the role of social media in our society to advice on how to balance your work and personal life. We cannot thank him enough for joining us!