In the first installment of MIC’s Music Power Players series, CAA’s Mitch Rose joined us to talk about his journey through the music industry. CAA, or Creative Artists Agency, is the world’s leading entertainment and sports agency. There, Mitch Rose is the Co-Head of Contemporary Music. He manages 100+ people in Los Angeles, Nashville, and London and works on putting bands on the road in successful ways.

When asked what advice he would give to college students trying to break into the music industry, he provided us with 10 life lessons:

  1. Learn how to connect with people.
  2. Failure is good! There is failure in life.  
  3. Don’t be afraid to take a stand.
  4. Learn how to read a situation and connect with the people involved. Make people like you!
  5. Make yourself an interesting person. Show off your passions. Learn about things outside of your comfort zone and talk to people about them.
  6. Always be truthful and no one will doubt you.
  7. Stop looking down at your device, look up! Life is happening around you.
  8. Learn how to work in a team. You have to be egoless and selfless.
  9. Learn to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Get away from thinking “well, this is what we’ve always done.”
  10. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm.

We are very grateful to Mitch Rose for giving us his time and wisdom. If you’re interested in working in the music industry, keep your eye out for more Music Power Players events hosted by MIC in the future.  

Author: Kaitlyn Zorilla