Last Tuesday, Peter Petro of Crē•8 Music Academy spent the evening with UCLA students as part of MIC at UCLA’s Music Careers 101 series. 

After years spent working in various parts of the industry—including artist development, radio production, music supervision, and music journalism—Petro now works at the Director of Admissions at Crē•8 Music Academy, a partner of the renowned Westlake Recording Studios (Rihanna, The Chainsmokers, Jay Z, Adele, etc). Throughout his varied career, Petro has acquired extensive knowledge about the industry which he readily shared with our students. 

Before eagerly jumping into audience questions, Petro shared a few general pieces of advice. He started out by saying, “I want you guys to feel empowered that at any moment in your life you can do things and move yourselves forward in your interest in music.”  The rest of his personal advice took on the same optimistic tone. 


 “I want 

to knock out as many excuses as possible."

In terms of professional advice, Petro emphasized the importance of having successful interactions, finding and using leverage points, and creating competitive, professional products that fill a need in the industry or solve a problem. He presented four self-assessment questions that summarize his points perfectly: 

  1. How competitive is my product?
  2. Can it solve an important problem?
  3. Is my solution valuable and rare?
  4. How much does it cost (time, money, risk)? 

After finishing his extremely helpful Q&A session, Petro listened and gave feedback to a student who submitted his music for review, assessing the product using the questions above. 

We can’t thank Peter enough for spending his night here and sharing his knowledge and advice with us! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@micatucla) to stay up to date on more talks in the Music Careers 101 series as well as all our other industry related events!


Author: Kaitlyn Zorilla